Murrayhill Little League

MHLL Boundraries

Schools within MHLL boundary include:

- Fir Grove
- Nancy Ryles
- Hiteon
- Scholls Heights
- Sexton Mountain
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Tryouts and Evaluations

When are tryouts and who needs to go to them?

  • Try outs are for players wanting to play Minors amd Majors.
  • ALL players league age 9 to 12 should attend a try out. Players wishing to play Minors and Majors MUST attend a try out.
  • Tryouts will be held at various times on Sunday, February 4th and Saturday, February 12th.

When are evaluations and who needs to go to them?

  • All players who played at the Coast level last year and wish to play Farm this season MUST attend one of the Farm evaluation sessions.
  • The Farm evaluations are held at the same time as the Minor and Major try outs.
  • Players who played Farm last season and who are planning to play Farm again this season do not need to come to the Farm evaluations.
Formation of Teams
  1. Can parents choose the team their child plays on?
  2. Why are Minors and Majors teams drafted?
  3. What is a Parent Option?
  4. What if players have to move during the season?

1. Can parents choose the team their child plays on?

  • MHLL will try to honor all requests from parents who register online for Tee Ball, Coast or Farm.
  • We cannot guarantee that your child will be on a team with requested players or a specific coach, however we will do our best to accommodate your requests.
  • Minors and Majors teams are drafted, so players are selected by team managers. No requests may be made at these levels.

2. Why are Minors and Majors teams drafted?

Once all players who want to play Minors or Majors have tried out and been evaluated, a draft is held. By drafting players at this level, the idea is that the players will be more evenly distributed by ability. Since MHLL teams play other MHLL teams during the season, we hope this draft will even out teams to enhance competition.

3. What is a Parent Option?

A parent can designated the highest level their child can play. This applies to players' league age 10 and below. For example, if you have a son who is nine years old and playing minors, you can request that he plays no higher than the minor's level. This request is done when you check in for try-outs.

4. What if players have to move during the season?

This rule applies to players playing in minors and farm levels. If a team at a higher level loses a player due to injury or quitting, then the manager will give the Player Agent a list of players who could move up to replace the missing player. All major and minor level teams must have 12 players.

Baseball Registration
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